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Following the links on the right side of the page will bring up lists of hyperlinked resources on the Book of Mormon, including the supplementary material such as the witnesses, introduction, pronunciation guide, etc. Commentaries and other books which discuss the Book of Mormon in order have not been listed unless particularly valuable.

ich discuss the Book of Mormon in order have not been listed unless particularly valuable. A short list of commentaries is given at the end of the paper. However, because of their value and availability, I suggest these two.

  1. Brant Gardner’s commentary, being published in multiple volumes by Greg Kofford books. His academic biography is here. He did graduate study and has published in non-LDS periodicals on Mesoamerican culture and history, as well as LDS-themed articles with FARMS and FAIR.
  2. The LDS Book of Mormon Institute Manual in both.pdf and.html form. This is a basic and useful reference produced by the LDS Church, though, not being scripture, is neither doctrinally binding nor authoritative. (This is fortunate because there are a few places where I disagree with it !)

As new research is done continuously and the compiler is not omnipotent, this list is vastly incomplete, but may still serve as a handy resource. Readers should be aware that for verses containing multiple references, these can represent different emphasis, greater context, newer information, or different and occasionally contradictory viewpoints. Inclusion of such disagreements does not extend to polemics or works that seek to undermine the historicity of the Book of Mormon, although many articles are responses to such. Works that attempt to show the Book of Mormon to be solely the product of Joseph Smith, his environment, or Satanic influence do not fall within the purpose of this compilation, which is to help readers in finding materials that aid in understanding the text. Not all page numbers were available to me, since some of my sources were electronic.

A suggested introductory list of books on the Book of Mormon-

  1. By the Hand of Mormon. Terryl Givens, Oxford University Press 2002. A new volume covering the coming forth, translation, history of interpretation, LDS and non-LDS usage and approaches to the Book of Mormon. Every LDS should read this.
  2. An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon. By John L. Sorenson (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book and FARMS, 1985). You cannot understand the Book of Mormon as it is meant to be if you read it like a conference talk. We spend time and effort trying to learn about the history, language and cultural setting of the Bible. This volume attempts to provide the same for the Book of Mormon.
  3. Book of Mormon authorship Revisited. Ed. Noel Reynolds. Contains fundamental articles on various aspects of the Book of Mormon- translation, coming forth, “notes on the debate” etc. An excellent volume.
  4. Grant Hardy’s A Reader’s Edition of the Book of Mormon is also quite useful.
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