1. Stephen Ricks. “Liturgy and Cosmogony: The Ritual Use of Creation Accounts in the Ancient Near East.” TAW: 118-125.

    • Discusses usage of the creation narrative in Jewish temple rituals. Professor Ricks once quipped that he had offered this article to BYU Studies. The secretary he talked to said, “Why would BYU Studies be interested in THAT?” He replied (at least in class,) “If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you.”
    • Gospelink (subscription required)
  2. Because it relates to creation, I include this link to the official BYU packet on evolution, which includes “all statements issued by the First Presidency…on the subject of evolution and the origin of man.”

    • For more on this topic, I recommend this page by Marc Schindler, with many statements on both sides of the issue.
    • In essence, the official position seems that there is no official position.
    • Cf. “Origin of Man” in EM:1053-54, Gospelink (subscription required)
  3. Kevin Barney, “Examining Six Key Concepts in Joseph Smith’s Understanding of Genesis 1:1″ BYUS 39:3 (2000): 107-124.

    • Highly recommended. Discusses 1) creation as organization from extant matter (ie. not creation ex nihilo), 2) a plurality of divine beings, 3) a supreme God at the head, 4) premortal council in heaven, 5) a god appointed over this world, and 6) persistant plurality throughout Israelite history.
  4. The question is sometimes asked, why aren’t the 4 creation accounts identical in every respect?

    • Keith Meservy briefly addresses this question in “Four Accounts of the Creation.” Ensign, January 1986.
    • The EM article on Creation discusses it very briefly.
    • A harmony of the three scriptural accounts of creation. (Harmonies are sometimes useful, but some things aren’t meant to be harmonized.
    • My commentary.
  5. Stephen Ricks, “Adam’s Fall in the Book of Mormon, Second Temple Judaism, and Early Christianity.” DAS: 595-606.

  6. Hugh Nibley presentation, “Abraham’s Creation Drama.”  Available in Quicktime, Windows Media, or streaming audio.

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