General Refs

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    • Gives some suggestions for personal temple preparation, including reading portions of the Old Testament.
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    • I’m not sure which Franklin D. Richards wrote this. One would have been dead for 20 years, and the other 20 years old and serving a mission, so I assume it’s a reprint of something the first one wrote.
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  19. “What is a covenant?” from my Temple Preparation FAQ

    • Discusses covenants in the scriptures and the rituals for making them, and draws comparisons to the temple ordinances.
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    • Available electronically from the University of Utah library.
    • This paper details the history of requirements, standards, and questions to receive a temple recommend (if they had them at the time) and enter an LDS temple. The implementation and standards embodied by the temple recommend questions have changed over time, but not extensively. An excellent and important article.
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