Other Religions

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    • A fascinating paper tracing the seeming remnant of early Christian temple ordinances into the ordinances of today’s Catholic church.
    • Direct PDF download (15 Mb) from BYU Studies, with pictures. (This is easier to read and download than the link above.
  4. Matthew J. Grey. “Becoming as a Little Child: Elements of Ritual Rebirth in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity.”  Studia Antiqua: The Journal of the Student Society for Ancient Studies Vol. 1 Num. 1, Fall 2001. 63-85. Available soon from their website.

    • Discusses washing, anointing, clothing, and naming as early Christian and Jewish rituals of rebirth
  5. John Tvedtnes. “Early Jewish and Christian Practices Related to the Temple.”  FAIR presentation

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    • Examines the theme in early Jewish literature of ascending into heaven, bypassing the gatekeepers/sentinels, and entering God’s presence.
    • Gospelink (subscription required).
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