General (all temples)

  1. Elder James E. Talmage. The House of the Lord: A Study of Temples Ancient and Modern.

    • The newest edition is a reprint of the original 1912 printing, with many pictures of the interior of the SLC temple. Some of those old photos are available here.
    • New edition with pictures reviewed by FARMS here.
    • The full book is available online from Gospelink (subscription required)
    • For quality color pictures of the interior of the Salt Lake city temple, see this Ensign article.
  2. Richard O. Cowan. Temples to Dot the Earth (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1989)

  3. Lamar C. Berret, “Endowment Houses.”  EM: 456

    • The Endowment house in SLC was used for giving endowments while Temples were being built. Before it was built, LDS were sometimes endowed on Ensign Peak, beginning with missionaries in 1848.
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