1. Between Heaven and Earth- Presentation originally broadcast between October 2002 (?) general conference sessions, featuring both LDS and non-LDS scholars such as Frank Moore Cross (Harvard), Krister Stendahl (Harvard), Lawrence Schiffman (NYU), John Lundquist, Truman Madsen, Elder Boyd K. Packer, and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, among others.

  2. Hugh Nibley, “Evangelium Quadraginta Dierum: The Forty-day Mission of Christ—The Forgotten Heritage.”  MEC: 10-44.

  3. Hugh Nibley.  “The Forty Day Ministry.” Talk given at BYU Feb. 12, 1964, in mp3 format. Click here for part 1, here for part 2.

    • From BYU Speeches, a great resource with lots of free mp3s by professors, General Authorities, etc.
  4. Elder Hugh Pinnock. “Temples: Then, Now, and Forever.”  Temple conference at BYU, Nov. 1999. Available in Quicktime, Windows Media, or streaming audio.

  5. Donald Parry. “He That Hath Clean Hands and a Pure Heart: Three Temple Entrance Hymns.” Temple conference at BYU, Nov. 1999. Available in Quicktime, Windows Media, or streaming audio.

  6. Susan Easton Black, “The Nauvoo Temple: Then and Now.” mp3 format.

    From BYU Broadcasting, it’s also available to stream.

  7. The Temple in the Book Of Mormon. Audiotape by John Welch. I found this tape at the Orem Public Library. They had a large collection of such tapes, at least when I was there several years ago. FARMS doesn’t sell it. I have an MP3 copy, but it’s 70 MB.

  8. Hugh Nibley presentation, “Abraham’s Creation Drama.”  Available in Quicktime, Windows Media, or streaming audio.

  9. “Mountain of the Lord.” Film produced in 1993 by the Church detailing the construction of the Salt Lake Temple. This is no longer available except from Church Distribution on VHS and DVD ($4.50). Fuller description here.

  10. “History at Temple Hill The Manti Temple.” Documentary on the Manti Temple by Dennis Lyman. Available here.

  11. “A Temple Dressed in White: The Saint George Temple.” Documentary by Dennis Lyman. Available here.

  12. Greg Kearney, a 3rd generation LDS Mason and FAIR member, also did a podcast, an audio interview about Masonry and Mormonism,  with Mormon Stories on this topic.

    It’s available via Itunes podcasts  or directly from Mormon Stories.(Link includes summary, comments by listeners, and a direct link to the audio file.) Podcast instructions from Mormon Stories.

    Bro. Kearney certainly qualifies as an expert on Masonic topics, but less so in terms of temple-related scripture and ancient ritual. Though I have some disagreements, this is useful to listen to.

  13. “Sacred Stone: Temple on the Mississippi” Documetary shown on PBS and directed by Lee Groberg, detailing the building of the original Nauvoo Temple. Available here.

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